UCL Department of Economics


Economics Departmental Prizes 2015

7 July 2015

The Department is pleased to announce the following awards. Please see the Economics Department Prizes page for more information about the different departmental prizes.

Endowed Prizes:

Eleanora Allen Prize: Michelle Seow Xue Tan

Harold Speight Prize in Economics: Zhi Ting Leow

A Heather Bigg / AJ Cahill Prize: Daniel Yu

Sessional Prizes:

Hume-Lloyd Prize: Teresa Steininger (Yr 1)

Hume-Lloyd Prize: Carlos Armando Ludowieg (Yr 2)

Hume-Lloyd Prize: Kelvin Yong Yao Woon (Yr 3)

GC Allen Prize: Sherwin Pengzhou Chan (Yr 3)

Economics Sessional Prize: Alif Azlan Leong (Yr 1)

Economics Sessional Prize: Yingjie Nigel Ng (Yr 1)

Economics Sessional Prize: Kun Lang (Yr 2)

Economics Sessional Prize: Min Wen Low (Yr 2)

Economics Sessional Prize: Yumeng Zhang (Yr 3)

Economics Sessional Prize: Reuben Junren Chan (Yr 3)

John Pencavel for Undergraduate Affiliate Students: Li Pan

Best UG Dissertation 2015:

“Bringing the Vanguard to the Rearguard: A contribution towards a transformative development model for Brazil’s backlands” by James Theuerkauf 

Runners up:

Amy Curry and Dennis Dinkelmeyer