UCL Department of Economics


UPDATED: Economics department hires NINE new academics

18 July 2012

Economics department hires 9 new academics:

The department is extremely proud to announce that 9 new academics will join the department:

  • Marco Bassetto, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, will join us in 2013 as a professor of economics. Marco is a macroeconomist and an expert on macroeconomic policy design. He is also the editor of the Review of Economic Dynamics.
  • Mariacristina de Nardi will join the department in 2013 as a professor of economics. Cristina is currently a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Her research has focused on health, savings, and retirement, and on entrepreneurship and taxation.
  • Vasiliki Skreta will join us from NYU Stern in 2013 as a professor of economics. Vasiliki is an economic theorist who works on mechanism design.
  • Suehyun Kwon is joining us from MIT as a lecturer. Suehyun works on economic theory.
  • Nikita Roketskiy is joining us from NYU as a lecturer. Nikita works on economic theory.
  • Daniel Wilhelm has joined us as a lecturer from the University of Chicago. Daniel works on econometric theory and applied econometrics. He is located in office 223.
  • Lucie Gadenne is joining us from the Paris School of Economics in a postdoc co-sponsored by EdEPO. Lucie works on public economics and development economics.
  • Michela Tincani has joined us from the University of Pennsylvania for a postdoc co-sponsored by CeMMAP. Michela works on applied economics. Michela is located in office 324.
  • Cloda Jenkins is joining us as a senior teaching fellow. Cloda completed her PhD at UCL and works on economics of regulation.

This is an incredible group of talent that will add very significantly to our portfolio. We are extremely fortunate to be able to attract such outstanding academics. Added to this, Charles Clarke, former Home Secretary, has been appointed honorary professor.