Job Market Candidates

In recent years, our PhD students have obtained posts in leading universities and research centres such as University of Arizona, Carlos III University, Edinburgh University, University of Manchester, NYU Stern School of Business, Pompeu Fabra University, Princeton University, Singapore Management University, Sogang University, Stanford University, Stockholm University, UBC, UCLA, University of British Columbia, University of Chicago, University of Essex, University of Mannheim, University of Oxford, University of Rochester, University of Texas at Austin, University of Wisconsin and Yale.

They have also done very well in policy institutions, such as the Bank of England, EBRD, IFS, McKinsey, RAND Corporation and the World Bank.

2017/18 Job Market candidates

Teodora Boneva

Alan Crawford

Ran Gu

Benjamin Hemingway

Thomas Hoe

Davide Melcangi

Javier Turen Roman

2016-17 Candidates
2015-16 Candidates
2014-15 Candidates
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Placement Director: Uta Schoenberg

Administrative Support: Daniella Harper