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Gregor Pfeifer

Gregor Pfeifer

Gregor Pfeifer

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Research interests

Primary: Applied Microeconomics

Secondary: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

Paper title - 'The Morning After: Prescription-Free Access to Emergency Contraceptive Pills'

Abstract - We analyze the introduction of prescription-free access to morning-after pills – emergency contraceptives aiming to prevent unintended pregnancy and subsequent abortion after unprotected sexual intercourse. Exploiting a staggered difference-in-differences setting for Europe combined with randomization inference, we find sharp increases in sales and manufacturers’ revenues (100%). However, whilst not reducing abortions significantly, the policy triggers an unexpected increase in fertility of 4%, particularly among women aged 25-34. We elaborate on mechanisms by looking at within-country evidence from Germany, which suggests that fertility is driven by decreasing use of birth control pills in response to easier access to morning-after pills. 



  • Professor Aderonke Osikominu
  • Professor Uta Schönberg
  • Professor Bernd Fitzenberger
  • Professor Christian Dustmann