Gorman Lectures 2017

Torsten Persson
Political selection in Sweden: Facts, causes, and consequences

Tuesday 7 March, 5:30pm-7pm (Part I)

Wednesday 8 March, 5:30-7pm (Part II)

The 2017 Gorman Lectures were presented by Torsten Persson, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University and Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics. Persson’s work has spanned macroeconomics, international economics, and public economics, but he is most well-known for his articles and books on political economics. His current research focuses on development, civil war, and climate change.

Based on a unique set of data, Persson dicussed the selection into higher political office in Sweden. The two lectures addressed the following questions;

Can the selection of politicians combine high competence (ability) with an equal representation of different social backgrounds?

Do political parties consider candidates' popularity among the voters when appointing their leaders? How will a quota to raise the female representation in politics change the competence of elected politicians?

Do we see income gains among the relatives of newly appointed political leaders?"



The Gorman Lectures

Established in 2001, the Gorman Lectures are sponsored by UCL and Princeton University Press in honor of the influential economist William Moore "Terence" Gorman.


The annual series features a different leading economist each year and has so far included;Eric Maskin, Dan McFadden, James Heckman, Avinash Dixit, Robert M. Townsend, Ken Binmore, Robert Hall, Jerry Hausman, Thomas Sargent, Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Jean Tirole. The 2017 Lectures will be given by Torsten Persson.

The lectures can cover a range of sub-discipline in Economics and are usually produced in book form by the Princeton University Press after the event.


A list of W M Gorman's publications can be found on the Trinity College Dublin website and more information about his life and achievements can be found on the Guardian webpage.

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