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The Economic Tribune is the official UCL Economics Magazine. With every aspect of writing, editing and design carried out by students, it reflects the innovative excellence fostered by UCL’s Department of Economics. The Tribune has also been recognised as the Best Specialist Publication in the United Kingdom (UK) by the Student Publication Association.

Focusing on Economics, Politics and Research, the Tribune’s role is to ensure students are pushed further to think about applying concepts taught throughout their studies.

The Research section unlocks students’ potentials by supporting them in conducting original research work with technical tools used in their course. Previous research examples include: modelling collusion mechanics in mobile networks with game theory, understanding collective action in rebel armies using microeconomic modelling and modernising macroeconomics using machine learning algorithms.

The Economics and Politics sections promote dialogue across both broad and niche topics, supporting correspondents in tackling thought-provoking issues and producing high-quality work. Previous themes include: ‘Economics of Nature’, ‘Democracy in Action’ and ‘Politics and Sports’.

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Key Links

  • Magazine issues and many more resources can be accessed from the Tribune’s website by clicking here.
  • The Tribune also accepts entries from across the world for their online blog, which can be accessed from here.
  • Students from all UK based universities can also look out for the annual Essay Competition.
  • Students are encouraged to sign up to the Tribune’s newsletter, found here, to be regularly updated with upcoming initiatives and research.

For any information, feel free to email the Economic Tribune team at : economictribune@economistssociety.org