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ECON0060 - Advanced Microeconometrics


The goal of this course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of a variety of econometric methods that economists use for empirical microeconomic research.   The course will focus primarily on the theoretical properties of such methods. Attention will also be given to the application of these models to economic data in contemporary empirical research, in order to illustrate how they can be employed to answer real-world questions of economic interest.

Course outline:

1. Non-linear Models for Cross-Section Data
Topics include: Discrete choice models; Triangular models for binary response with endogeneity; models for censored data; Selection models; Quantile regression.

2. Panel Data Methods
Topics include: Seemingly unrelated regression; Random effects model; Fixed effects model; Dynamic panel data models; Nonlinear random effects model.

Advanced Microeconometrics

This module information video is presented by Martin Weidner

Taught by:Lars Nesheim
Assessment:2 hours of lectures per week and 5 problem classes with written assignments. The course will be examined by a 2-hour written exam in Term 3
Suitable for:Graduate students
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