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John Locke (1632 - 1704)

Locke was best known for his contributions to epistemology and political philosophy, wrote also on economics and provided, for example, an early statement of the Quantity Theory of Money.

He moved to London in 1667 where he remained until 1674 as physician and political adviser to Lord Ashley (the later Earl of Shaftesbury), living at his residence in Exeter House, located at the current site of the Lyceum Theatre in Exeter Street, central London. He later spent part of the four years from 1679 onwards with Shaftesbury at Thanet House, Aldersgate St (now on the site of Shaftesbury Place). Returning to London after six years of political exile in Holland after the Glorious revolution of 1688, he resided for a short time in Warwick Lane in East London before moving to Dorset Court, Channel Row (now Canon Row, behind Westminster tube station).