Eastman Dental Institute


Elavarasi Kuppusamy

From Malaysia studying Paediatric Dentistry DDent

It is every student's dream to study in top universities in the world. I was lucky to pursue mine in University College London more specifically in Eastman Dental Institute, a renowned postgraduate dental institute and well-known as a leading centre for clinical training and research.

DDent Paediatric Dentistry as a clinical doctorate programme provides an extensive training related to the speciality and research is a major component of the course. Well-organised clinical sessions, helpful and supportive clinical and research supervisors create an environment conducive for learning. Researches are carried out throughout three years, which gives opportunities for students to be involved in large-scale researches.
The extensive clinical training provided has given me opportunities to expand my knowledge and improve multiple skills required for a career as a specialist in paediatric dentistry. Exposures to the latest developments and the emphasis given on evidence-based dentistry enable students to deliver the best managements for patients in the clinical settings. As EDI is located in the heart of London, patients seen here come from all around the world, which has definitely been an interesting experience for me.
I will be pursuing my career as a specialist in paediatric dentistry and an academician in the National University of Malaysia. I hope to disseminate my experience, knowledge and skills I gained here to my students back home.