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Sports Dentistry: Oral Health in Sport MSc
A part-time, distance-learning, three-year degree delivered mostly online with four days each year spent at the Institute. Multiple exit points. 

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Why Sports Dentistry?

As recreational sport becomes more popular and the demands placed on professional athletes increase, the importance of good oral health is becoming recognised as essential to performance.  

Recent research, much of it undertaken at the UCL Eastman Centre for Oral Health and Performance, has revealed that elite athletes often have higher levels of oral disease, tooth decay and gum inflammation than the ordinary population. Many have reported that this impacts negatively on their performance as well as their ability to eat, relax, sleep and smile. 

Competitors in many sports are also exposed to increased risk of trauma during the course of play. 

Why Eastman?

Our pioneering Sports Dentistry CPD course gave many dentists the expertise and confidence to treat athletes from a variety of sports. However, it primarily focussed on in-play trauma to the dentition,

It has now evolved into our comprehensive Master’s degree, where all aspects of oral health are considered specifically with athletes in mind. Graduates will be taught by experts in the fields of oral health and sports medicine and can expect to be able to advise sporting bodies on dental issues, be available at sporting events and support medical colleagues either as a ‘field of play’ operators or in an advisory capacity in the surgery.


Most learning takes place online with just four days a year spent at our CPD facilities which feature two skills labs with individual bays fully equipped as a dental operatory, lecture and seminar rooms and five full equipped surgeries. We also may visit other external facilities, such as sports laboratories.


Jessica McGee
Programme Administrator


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