Eastman Dental Institute


Nur Asyura Binti Nor Amdan

Researching biofilms and molecular microbiology in the Microbial Diseases Department


I chose UCL Eastman first of all, because of its reputation. We all know that UCL is among the very best universities in the world. Other than that, the research scopes particularly in this department basically fit my interest. The environment, the location and the laboratories are all very conducive for me to pursue my PhD research. I am funded by my government, the Government of Malaysia under the MARA scholarship.

Research at UCL Eastman is very motivating and exciting. Generally speaking, it is not straightforward. Patience, flexibility and hard work are the key of success. I have very supportive supervisors and helpful colleagues which help me a lot throughout my study. What I like most about research at Eastman, it is very flexible.

As a PhD student, you are totally responsible for your own research and you are expected to plan and finish your work on time. We have a regular weekly meeting with our supervisors to discuss our progress and to raise any issues that we find during our research. I think this is very important to ensure that we are on a right direction.   

Research at Eastman has provided me the opportunities to present my work at the national and international meetings. With this, it opens my opportunities to share my findings and widen my knowledge to other researchers from my field and indirectly improve my social skills and strengthen my networking with other researchers

I am planning to apply for any postdoctoral fellowship available in my field or I will go back to my beloved home country, Malaysia to serve my nation as a microbiologist.