Eastman Dental Institute


influence of implant-abutment corrosion products on bone metabolism

Dr Lambis Petridis (Lead), Professor Jonathan Knowles, Dr Ghada Alrabeah, Matilde Duarte Silva, Weerapong Anusornsit

3 July 2018

The topic of peri implant bone loss around dental implants is of a major importance as it is a key parameter in implant success. In this research, we hypothesised that the release of corrosion products from the implant-abutment complex may contribute to the disruption of bone metabolism around dental implants and that the improved peri-implant bone response demonstrated by various implant-abutment connection geometries, such as platform switching, may be the result of a reduced amount of metal ions released to the surrounding tissues. A series of in vitro studies were done to measure corrosion products release under simulated accelerated corrosion conditions and test their effect on various cell lines (primary human osteoblasts and gingival epithelial cells).