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Development of the Malocclusion Impact Questionnaire (MIQ): part 1

8 January 2016

Development of the Malocclusion Impact Questionnaire (MIQ) to measure the oral health-related quality of life of young people with malocclusion: part 1 - qualitative inquiry

Patel,N., Hodges,S.J., Hall,M., Benson,P.E., Marchman,Z., Cunningham,S.J.;

Journal of Orthodontics

Recent years have seen an increasing focus on patient reported impacts of conditions and patient reported outcomes associated with treatment. The importance of quality of life assessment has also been recognised. These papers report on the development of the first questionnaire to specifically assess the impact of malocclusion in adolescent patients, based on in-depth interviews with patients. The second paper then tested these items further and generated the items for the questionnaire. This questionnaire is likely to be important in the future in the assessment of the impact of malocclusion and also to study treatment outcomes.

Themes relating to the impact of malocclusion were identified and these generated items for the questionnaire developed. It is hoped that the questionnaire will now be utilised internationally in orthodontic research and clinical practice. 

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