Eastman Dental Institute


UCL Eastman to support New Giza University

2 February 2016

New Giza University

UCL Eastman is to play its part in a significant, new academic partnership with New Giza University (NGU).

The Institute will support the NGU to develop and deliver high-quality, contemporary undergraduate dentistry programs in the Cairo region. 

We join UCL Medical School and UCL School of Pharmacy in helping NGU in their aspiration to become a beacon in medical education in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

UCL EDI Director Stephen Porter said: “It is exciting to be pooling our knowledge with other UCL colleagues to help NGU develop quality programs for their students.

"This partnership will enhance our ability to make a real difference globally, not only by increasing access to a comprehensive education for aspiring dentists, but also by potentially helping enhance the oral health awareness of large numbers of individuals.”