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Fellowships in Laser Dentisty

Using laser technology is a highly innovative field of dentistry and can offer many benefits over traditional methods of oral health treatments.

We offer CPD fellowship courses for clinical dental professionals for clinical dental professionals who want to gain a sound knowledge of, and experience in utilising laser in various clinical applications. These courses - run at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London in collaboration with the University of Genoa - are blended-learning, with practical sessions on campus plus online materials.

Next start date: 27 March 2023

Fellowship in Laser Dentistry

This six-day CPD course is designed for clinical dental professionals to provide evidence-based core knowledge in laser use in dentistry and refine practical skills. Some experience of using lasers in clinical dentistry is desirable, however, this isn't a requirement of the course.

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Fellowship in Laser Dentistry for Dental Hygienists and Therapists

A two-day CPD course is designed for dental hygienists and therapists who want to understand and gain experience in using laser therapy in their daily practice. 

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Why Laser Dentistry?

Surgical dentistry specialist, Dr Reem Hanna, focuses in on the benefits and applications of using laser technology in clincal practice. As the scope of applications has expanded, its benefits over traditional methods of oral health treatments have become widely known. From the cold lasers used for the relief of pain, reduction of inflammation and acceleration of wound healing, laser technology is the way of the future for dentistry.