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Hygienists and Therapists


Dental hygienists and therapists work in all sectors of dentistry and with the advent of Direct-Access it is important to keep skills and knowledge up to date. CPD is an invaluable tool which contributes to professional development and boosts practical skills, while also enhancing career options. It is imperative that any CPD activity is relevant to your working environment, your professional needs and your goals for the future.

As Europe’s leading postgraduate dental centre, we are committed to fulfilling the educational needs of all dental practitioners. In 2016 we launched a range of CPD options for hygienists and therapists, including hands-on and lecture-based days. In order to reflect the wide range of challenges faced by hygienists and therapists, courses cover a diverse range of topics including nutrition, implant maintenance, radiography and much more.

Courses currently scheduled

Managing the Medically Compromised Patient
This one-day course aims to update you on the current guidelines and protocols for treating patients with medical conditions in general dental practice. Book for June 2022

Courses not currently scheduled

Postoperative Care: Suture Removal for Nurses, Hygienists and Therapists
This one-day course is for dental care professionals who assist in surgical procedures. It will enable you to be confident and competent in removing sutures after the wound has been checked by a dentist. You'll also learn how to support your patients with postoperative care. Register your interest.

Fellowship in Laser Dentistry for Dental Hygienists and Therapists
This two-day CPD course is designed for dental hygienists and therapists who want to understand and gain experience in using laser therapy in their daily practice. Register your interest.

Implant Maintenance for Dental Hygienists and Therapists
This course is designed specifically for clinical dental professionals who wish to augment their knowledge and develop skills required to successfully care for and maintain Dental Implants. Register your interest.

Practical Restorative Tips I
A one-day course to develop your skills and confidence in the use of anterior composite resin filling materials. This is a hands-on practical course that will cover the use of these materials in anterior teeth. Other useful practical tips to help with the management of your patients will also be covered. Register your interest.

Practical Restorative Tips II
A one-day course to develop your skills and confidence in the use of posterior composite resin filling materials. This is a hands-on practical course that will cover the use of these materials in posterior teeth. Register your interest.

Nutrition Workshop for Dental Hygienists and Therapists Part 1
A one-day workshop to help you introduce nutrition management to your everyday practice. Register your interest.

Nutrition Workshop for Dental Hygienists and Therapists Part 2
This one-day workshop will provide an in-depth look at nutritional biochemistry from a cellular level. It'll also cover the role of the gut microbiome relevant to systemic inflammation and periodontal disease. Nb. Currently postponed due to Coronavirus. Register your interest.

Practical Local Anaesthetic in Dentistry
A two-day CPD course which teaches dental hygienists and therapists how to use local anaesthetics correctly in dental practice. Register your interest.

Prescribing Radiographs + Portfolio of Cases 
This one-day course will up-skill dental therapists and hygienists so that they can confidently prescribe radiographs as an extended duty. Register your interest.


  • Dr Shiehfung Tay
  • Dr Neil Nathwani
  • Dr Peter Fine
  • Dr Navdeep Kumar

Visiting lecturers

  • Dr Otto Sparrius
  • Dr Lasse A Skoglund
  • Dr Ellen Christine Vigen
  • Juliette Reeves

Our state-of-the-art facilities include two dedicated laboratories for the production of patient devices such as fixed and removable prosthetic devices. There are five clinical skills laboratories containing 90 clinical skills stations equipped with dental manikins allowing trainees to practically and safely refine skills, and work in conditions that mimic real-life practice. Two of our suites are also equipped with dental microscopes to aid identification of anatomical imperfections and the quick detection of enamel and dentine fractures. We also have eight fully-equipped clinical rooms for work with real patients, all with disabled access. 


Ms Kate Marr

Course Administrator
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