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Learning in the Field

There is a strong emphasis on field training in all earth science degree programmes. The field provides a natural laboratory where students can learn.

Learning in the Field
Fieldwork is an essential component of study across all degree programmes in the Earth Sciences. It offers hands-on field experiences to understand Earth’s processes to develop observational, spatial, and problem-solving skills. The positive relationships built up between students and staff through shared fieldwork experiences contribute to a strong ethos in the Department of personal motivation towards teaching, learning and research. All our field courses are linked to specific taught modules, and fieldwork assessment forms part of coursework examination. Introductory field courses are taken in SW England. In the second year, field courses are taken to the Pyrenees and Scotland for mapping instruction. Geological field mapping projects are undertaken in UK and number of european countries. 


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Third year field courses are taken to the Betics in southern Spain.  A fourth year course linked to the core module Earth & Planetary System Science visits the site of an asteroid impact at Ries, Germany, and MSci students may participate in additional fieldwork as part of their independent project in the fourth year. The student Geological Society also arranges week-end fieldtrips, for academic interest and fun.

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