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PhD Application Help

How to apply, doctoral studies, PhD students, open projects, NERC and other funding bodies

If you are interested in applying for a PhD in our Department, please direct your initial enquiry to the Graduate Tutor. If you are already interested in a specific topic, please direct your first contact to the named supervisor (or co-supervisor).

PhD Application Help

In either case, when you decide to complete an official UCL PhD application, please ensure that you also send a copy of your application simultaneously to the Department Graduate Tutor, for our internal records.

Applying through UCL


Relevant Funding & Contact Information:

The London NERC DTP

UCL Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS)

Commonwealth Scholarships Commission

China Scholarships Council – UCL

Islamic Development Bank – UCL

Partial assistance in funding graduate studies or visits can be found here:

UCL Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS)

China Scholarships Council – UCL Research student visitor awards

For a list of all scholarships on offer visit postgraduate research.