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Reference source for the taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera. 


Reference source for the taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera

pforams@mikrotax http://www.mikrotax.org/pforams/index.html is a major reference source for the taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera. These beautiful microfossils are a key tool in modern geological research widely used in biostratigraphy, palaeoceanography and study of evolutionary pattern and process. Consequently, they are used by a diverse set of students, academic researchers and industrial geologists all of whom need data on their taxonomy, identification, and geological ranges.
The site has essentially been created by combining data from previous databases and syntheses - especially the Chronos database - and migrating it into a database system - mikrotax - initially created for the Nannotax website. The project to do this has been funded by a UK Natural Environment Research Council grant NE/N017900/1.