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UCL Earth Sciences combines the ideas and principles of biology, chemistry, physics, maths and geography to understand how our planet works, from atomic to planetary scale.

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are a great chance to find out more about your chosen course, the department and studying at UCL. You'll have the opportunity to hear from academic staff and ask any questions you might have about life at UCL. 

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Earth Sciences research outputs ranked 3rd within UCL:

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The excellence of research at UCL Earth Sciences and its positive real-world impact has improved since 2014, according to the Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF) results. On 4* outputs Earth Sciences came 3rd best at UCL out of 32 units of assessment.

Student Spotlight: Isabelle Hoppe

Isabelle Hoppe

Studing: Environmental Geoscience:
Past climates and working with isotopes to reconstruct past environments has been a personal highlight and I can’t wait to get in the field and deepen my understanding of the impactful geophysical processes as well.

Exploring Earth Sciences:

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At UCL Earth Sciences, we study everything from the origin of the Earth to the history of the life it sustains. Researchers and students study how our planet is changing. We are an integrative, interdisciplinary, modern science, applying state-of-the-art maths, physics, chemistry and biology in order to better understand the Earth and other bodies in the solar system.


Welcome to Earth Sciences:

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See how you can make a difference to today's world.

Fieldtrip Highlight: Ries impact crater

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Asteroid and comet collisions have shaped the surface of the Earth – this fieldtrip gives students to opportunity to study impact geology of such event that occured ~14.5 million years ago. Finding solutions to global environmental issues is at the heart of Earth Sciences. From atoms to atmosphere, we study the planet as you've never seen it before

Ancient rocks in virtual reality: Virtual Field Trip

unable to take part in their normal field-based classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, are instead using virtual reality headsets to learn about Britain’s oldest rocks from northwest Scotland.

As we were unable to take part in normal field-based classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students are instead using virtual reality headsets to learn about Britain’s oldest rocks from northwest Scotland.


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