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Dr Michel Tsamados

Dr Michel Tsamados

Tsamados Michel



Lecturer in Polar Observation & Modelling/Rheology
Departmental Graduate Tutor
Kathleen Lonsdale, 301B

Courses Taught: 

GEOL3039 Ocean Physics and Climate Change

Research Group(s):

CPOM Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling

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020 3108 6319 (56319)

I am interested in understanding the flow (or rherology) of complex systems. I have studied a wide range of materials from the atomic scale (glassy disordered materials) to the geophysical scale (sea ice). While often of fundamental nature my research is always intended to address practical challenges in both the field of material sciences and climate sciences. This dual approach in my research, fundamental and applied, is very clearly evidenced in my recent work in the construction and analysis of new mathematical models of physical processes in the sea ice component of the general circulation models (GCMs) which combines the development of fundamental new theory and numerical simulations with field measurements and remotely-sensed observations.

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