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Prof Juergen Thurow

Prof Juergen Thurow

Prof Juergen Thurow



Professor of Palaeoceanography and Sedimentology South Wing, 2nd Floor, 27

Courses Taught: 

GEOL1012 Surface Processes
GEOL2026 Maps, Images and Structures (Contributor)
GEOL3040 Crustal Dynamics Mountain Building and Basin Evolution
GEOLG040 Crustal Dynamics Mountain Building and Basin Evolution
GEOLM012 Palaeoclimatology
GEOLM905 Independent M.Sci. Project (Contributor)
GEOLGG99 Dissertation MSc (Contributor)

Research Group(s):

Maghreb Petroleum Research Group 

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 

j.thurow@ucl.ac.uk 020 7679 2416 (32416)

  • Ultrahigh-resolution palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology from laminated and fine-bedded marine and lacustrine sediments (includes development of analytical equipment and software) in Icehouse (Quaternary) and Greenhouse (mid-Cretaceous) climate conditions. Main research areas: Western margin of the Americas; North Atlantic and Caribbean.
  • Geochemistry, isotope chemistry and palaeoceanography of organic-rich sediments. Sedimentary response to sea level changes (mid-Cretaceous, S. Morocco, northern South America).
  • Research into Neoproterozoic Petroleum Systems
  • Outreach: The enis.p.a Energy Awareness & Efficiency Campaign for students.

Research Publications

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