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Dr Frans Aben

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Dr Frans Aben




Research Associate     K. Lonsdale Building, G03 

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Seismological Laboratory

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Research Summary

I am a geophysicist with a strong background in geology, and my scientific interests revolve around rock physics and rock deformation. I challenge key questions in the field of fault mechanics and earthquake rupture dynamics, mainly through laboratory rock deformation experiments and supplemented by field-based research, microstructural studies, and theoretical work. Examples of my research include the identification of coseismic markers in fault damage zones (pulverized rock), quantification of the earthquake energy budget from microstructures and laboratory-based ultrasonic tomography, and the study of the coupling between fluids and faulting, and how it may stabilize otherwise instable earthquake ruptures (this is my current project). I am also heavily involved in developing new laboratory and analytical techniques to aid my research.