UCL Earth Sciences


Dr Elodie Kendall

Geophysics, Seismology, Geodynamics, mantle, anisotropy

Teaching Fellow,  Seismology

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Teaching FellowK. Lonsdale Building, 2nd Floor Room M2

Courses Taught:

GEOL0030 Seismology II

Research Group(s):

UCL Seismological Lab

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Telephone Number:

elodie.kendall.14@ucl.ac.ukemail only

Research Summary

 I study Earth structure in order to understand the dynamic processes occurring in the Earth's mantle. Seismic anisotropy (the variation of wavespeed with direction) can be a key indicator of strain and mantle flow however the mapping of this parameter and it's mechanisms are still not fully understood, even in the upper mantle. Therefore, I use advanced seismic forward and inverse modeling techniques to test and refine existing isotropic and anisotropic 3D Earth mantle models in two geodynamically relevant regions: (i) East Africa; and, (ii) the Pacific. I use and expand the spectral element method (SPECFEM package) to include recent anisotropic mantle and crustal models to constrain anisotropic structure. Moreover, I infer the possible mechanisms behind the resolved seismic tomographic features with geodynamic simulations combined with fabric calculations.