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Dr Elaine Mawbey

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Dr Elaine Mawbey




Research Associate     K. Lonsdale Building, 101

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e.mawbey@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6349 (56349)

Research Summary

I am a geochemist who uses the trace metal and stable isotope composition of calcareous microfossils (“proxies”) to answer questions about past climate conditions such as ocean temperature and chemistry. This advances our understanding of how the climate system works and the mechanisms behind past climate change. The chemistry of the microfossils I work on (foraminifera) can also provide insights into their ecology and how changes in climate can impact this.

My current research is investigating how changes in ocean temperature can affect organic carbon remineralisation in the water column and the effects this has on the global carbon cycle and, foraminiferal ecology and evolution. Increases in temperature cause an increased rate of metabolic processes including organic carbon remineralisation. This affects the flux of organic carbon through the water column and the amount sequestered in the ocean sediment. This work is being done in collaboration with other researchers to investigate the impact the addition of these processes into global climate models.