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Ben Redmond Roche

climate reconstruction, solar geoengineering, sea ice ecosystem

Research Fellow in Solar Geoengineering Governance

Benjamin Redmond Roche



Research Fellow K. Lonsdale Building, 

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Research Summary

I am a post-doctoral research fellow in Solar Geoengineering Governance.

I am a member of the Horizon Europe-funded project ‘Conditions for Responsible Research of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) – Analysis, CoCreation, and Ethos (Co-Create)’
The key aim is to support the development of possible new research governance arrangements for solar geoengineering in the European Union. The position plays a central role in the scientific and technical evaluation of solar geoengineering and proposed field tests as part of this interdisciplinary project. The position will also help organize an international workshop focused on potential field tests of solar geoengineering, bringing together researchers with plans for such field tests.

My PhD thesis titled 'Quantifying the effects of background concentrations of crude oil pollution on polar sea ice and assessing how sea ice and snow affect PAR transmittance at the ice-ocean interface' was submitted in July 2024. I additionally completed all requirements of the GeoNetZero Doctoral Training Program.