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Dr Simon Hunt

High pressure physical property measurements

NERC Research Fellow


Dr Simon Hunt




NERC Research Fellow    K. Lonsdale Building, G02

Courses Taught:

Contributor to GEOL0046 - Deep Earth and  GEOL0037 MSc Geoscience Research Methods
Contributor to GEOL0002 - fieldwork component

Research Group(s):

Crystallography and Mineral Physics

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

simon.hunt@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6382 (56382)

Research Summary

My research uses experiment measurements of material properties; for example, the rheology, thermal conductivity and anelasticity of Earth forming minerals,  to constrain and understand the dynamics of the Earth’s deep interior.

My current research is focusing on deep Earthquakes. These occur exclusively in association with subducting slabs at depths greater then 60 km. Below 60 km the pressure is too great for brittle sliding on faults to cause earthquakes, so other mechanisms must be active to allow them to occur. By performing high-pressure experiments and listening for ‘labquakes’ I will determine the cause of deep-focus earthquakes and the mechanism that drives them.