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Dr Paula Koelemeijer

Geophysics, deep Earth, global seismology, core-mantle boundary, whole Earth oscillations

Royal Society University Research Fellow 

 Dr Paula Koelemeijer



Royal Society Research Fellow    
 Kathleen Lonsdale, G02

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Royal Society Grant: Mapping seismological landscapes in the deep Earth.

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p.koelemeijer@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6382 (56382)

Research Summary

In my research I use seismological observations to constrain the composition, dynamics and evolution of the Earth. In particular, I focus on imaging the lowermost mantle, where many fundamental questions still remain unanswered regarding the driving forces of mantle convection and the nature of the interaction between Earth’s mantle and core.

To date, my work can be grouped into three different research areas: observations of seismic signals with sensitivity to the deep Earth, the long wavelength velocity and density structure of the Earth’s mantle, and the interpretation of seismological observations using geodynamical models. An overarching theme in many of these studies has been the quantification of uncertainties, and their importance for drawing meaningful inferences on Earth’s structure.