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Imran Ali


Research Technician in Micropalaeontology


Imran Ali




Research Technician in Micropalaeontology

Micropaleontology Laboratory

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imran.ali@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6354 (56354)


  • Provision of research assistance and technical support for research projects in micropalaeontology.

I initially pursued geology as I had an interest in sedimentology. This led me to undertake the Geology BSc degree at Kingston University where I graduated in 2017. During this time, I had developed a curiosity for micropalaeontology and for my research project I was able to combine my interests. I had utilised sedimentary facies analysis in conjunction with micropalaeontology to reconstruct the Albian palaeoenvironment at Copt Point, Folkestone. My data illustrated a transgressive systems tract that was evidenced by the deepening upward bathymetric signature of the microfossil assemblages.  
Soon after graduating I had briefly worked as an environmental consultant, however, my interest in micropalaeontology led me to undertake the Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology MSc at the University of Birmingham; where I graduated in 2018. For my research project, titled “Latest Barremian – Early Aptian foraminiferal biofacies evolution calibrated against the nannofossil stratigraphy: Britannia Field, North Sea”, I investigated two cores producing a correlation stratigraphy and studied the effects of global carbon cycle perturbation, tectonic and volcanic activity expressed in the biological record.   
My professional affiliations include The Micropalaeontological Society, The Geological Society and The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.