UCL Earth Sciences


Celine Ahmed

Departmental finances, research grants, studentships, employment/commercial contracts

Senior Departmental/Research Finance Manager

Celine Ahmed




Senior Departmental/Research Finance Manager G12, Ground Floor, Kathleen Lonsdale Building

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Non-teaching Appointment

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celine.ahmed@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6336 (56336)


Financial Management: Manage and maintain all departmental finances, research grants, studentships, cash allocation budgets and departmental accounts. Produce departmental budgets, financial budgets and costings for research /industrial funding. Submission of electronic research proposal applications. Process and approve research student stipend and fee payments. Departmental contact for setting up of commercial contracts, studentships and consultancy agreements. 

Oversee daily running of financial office. 

Human Resources: Setting up of research staff employment contracts. Process and approval of payments to visiting lectures and demonstrators.