UCL Earth Sciences


Dr Tom M. Mitchell

Seismology, rock deformation, earthquake damage, field geology

Reader in Earthquake Geology and Rock Physics

Dr Tom M. Mitchell

Research Group(s):

Rock and Ice Physics Laboratory
Ice Physics Laboratory
Rock Fluids Laboratory
Rock Mechanics Laboratory



Reader in Earthquake Geology and Rock PhysicsKLB, Ground Floor, G16

Courses Taught:

GEOL0015 Maps, Images and Structures
GEOL0016 Structural Geology and Tectonics
GEOL0024 Geological and Environmental Mapping
GEOL0029 Seismology I (Contributor)
GEOLM905 Independent MSci Project (Contributor)
GEOLGG99 MSc Dissertation (Contributor)
London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership Core Training 

London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership Fieldtrip


Email Address:

Telephone Number:

tom.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk020 73108 6348 (56348)

Research Summary

My research to date has been primarily concerned with two main areas;

  • the experimental deformation of rocks under simulated geological conditions, in order to help interpret natural processes such as faulting and earthquake mechanics and
  • detailed field studies on the structure and properties of strike-slip fault zones over a range of scales to further understand fault growth processes, subsequent mechanics, and bulk hydraulic and seismological properties of a fault zone

I have always been very conscious of the need to relate laboratory work with nature.  To this end, in addition to laboratory based experimentation, through my primary training as a geologist, I have carried out a lot of field-based research, often being able to bring an experimentalist‘s approach to illuminate essentially field-geological problems. 

For further details of my research, please visit my research website at www.tommymitch.com