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Greenough Geological Society: A year in review

10 December 2021

Report from Tor Sorensen, the Head of the Society.

Greenough Society Fieldtrip

Does Christmas always fall so early? Although the pandemic is still roaring in the background, many aspects of life in the department and the Greenough Society have returned to something that resembles normality. Such as the surprise among students, exactly how short a term is. It hasn’t always been easy to balance the fear from COVID against the basic human and academic need to build connections and friendships. Still, I am proud of the events the committee has managed to host this term. Thank you for your dedication, Alessandra, Marcin, Nor, Jiarong, Katrina, and Nicholas!
Last Sunday, we concluded the term with a blast of a Christmas Dinner at the Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant Angelina in Dalston. Although a few had to cancel last minute due to symptoms or positive test results (myself included), the rumour says it was a great party! We hope that everyone can join us next year.

Greenough Society Annual Dinner

Caption: Annual Christmas Dinner.

We started out the term with a whole series of freshers’ events, everything from pizza for lunch to the grand ‘Welcome Back Party’. Later, we’ve had weekly board game afternoons (until the workload overtook us all) with the new games we bought for the department, the classic ‘Meet Your Professors’ event, and we’ve resumed the long-forgotten part of the society: Field Trips! On a more administrative note, we’re currently deep in the process of disaffiliating our society from the Students’ Union, freeing us from endless paperwork and allowing closer cooperation with the department.