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UCL announces pioneering Scientist in Residence Initiative at Slade School of Art

10 January 2017

Congratulations to David Dobson, Professor of Earth Materials on his new appointment as the first Scientist in Residence at the UCL Slade School of Art. Professor Dobson will be based in the Slade School of Fine Art for one year from January 2017.


Many scientists might interact with an artist in residence, but that it is usually only the artist who benefits directly from the interaction. UCL’s Scientist in Residence programme will address this imbalance, with scientific insight being brought into a wealth of artistic endeavours. In addition to highlighting some of the intrinsic beauty in the processes and materials involved in creating art, a genuine cultural exchange based around the discipline of experimentation in the arts will develop new understanding of their scientific methods. This enhanced understanding should lead to new art being created with greater scientific understanding and techniques. We also anticipate that the programme will offer an effective long-term model for developing greater understanding of the sciences amongst a demographic who are likely to become leaders across societal and cultural organisations.

Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research) said:

“UCL is once again leading the way with this ground-breaking appointment. This kind of disruptive thinking is exactly the sort of initiative that sets UCL research apart. I am excited to see what comes from a scientist spending time outside his own discipline: we know that interdisciplinary research and collaboration can have fascinating results, leading to previously unforeseen breakthroughs.”

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