UCL Earth Sciences


Independent Mapping Experience

20 December 2017

As a 3rd year Geologist, mention of the words ‘Independent Mapping’ can sometimes conjure up a general feeling of unease, distress and impending doom. It seems however, in our case, the symptomatic clamminess and tightness of the chest was most readily alleviated by our beautiful wagon. In the case of our gang (Charlie R, Martin N, Arnold K, Oliver S), we set out to traverse Western Europe and the Swiss Alps in a 23 year-old pink Volvo 850SE.

Charlie R, Martin N, Arnold K, Oliver S

We experienced near-daily complications: faulty braking, coolant leakages and steaming bonnets. Our haphazard mode of transportation did however make us a trending local sensation on Instagram. Despite the complications, the panther succeeded in depositing us in the field in style - end of day fatigue was alleviated by the sight of our beloved pink beast. 
Although the independent mapping was a success for us, many miles of arduous travel proved too much for the panther, it was with great sadness that our lady was laid to rest in the depths of Eastern Europe.

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