UCL Earth Sciences


Field Geophysics, Year 3

20 December 2017

As a 3rd year Geophysicist at UCL, I undertook a field course during the September preceding the start of term.(18th-23rd September 2017). My year group of Geophysicists, and some mature students from Birkbeck College embarked on Marble Hill Park, Twickenham. The aim was to undertake a survey of the surrounding area, in the hope of discovering, old drainage pipes, ancient Italian gardens and grottoes from the 1700s.

Field Geophysics, Year 3

The photo on the left shows myself using a LaCoste-Romberg Model G Gravity Meter, a device used to measure the Earth’s gravitational field. No surprises there! It works by using a spring, and weighted mass which produces a force on the spring. By knowing the spring constant and the weight of the mass the gravitational field at that location can be calculated (measured in scale units). This was used to determine the dimensions of a grotto (an underground cave) on the site. 
The trip was really excellent in applying my knowledge, learned from previous years, to real life scenarios and then actually doing it in the field. Thanks must go to Dr Ana Ferreria (UCL) and Dr James Hammond for organising this trip.

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