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Fun with Minerals

7 October 2015

Nadine Gabriel our Geology student writes about her involvement in UCL Public and Cultural Engagement. Hello there, I’m Nadine Gabriel and I’ve been working with the UCL Geology Collections for just over a year. Towards the end of the summer holidays, I was given the chance to audit the thousands of mineral specimens in the Rock Room to ensure that we have a record of what is (and isn’t) in the collection. While auditing the collection, I handled a wide variety of specimens and learnt about new minerals and their classification – I’ve come across so many minerals that I’ve never heard of, even after doing two years of geology. But the best thing about working with the collection was saying ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ every time I saw a nice shiny mineral.

Heart Minerals

Nadine Gabriel is a 3rd year Geology Student and volunteer with UCL Public and Cultural Engagement.  She will be continuing her audit of the collections for the next few months hunting for more interesting minerals.  Good Luck!

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