UCL Earth Sciences


Public Engagement

Earth, planets, palaeontology, micropalaeontology, geochemistry, seismology, sedimentology, polar observation and modelling, geodynamics, petrology, volcanism, rock mechanics, mineral physics

Geology is all around us, and you do not have to be a student at UCL to appreciate the fascination of earth sciences.  Through links to our geology collections, taster courses, loans box, projects and self-guided walks, we hope to widen access to both children and adults.  We are also represented on the London Geodiversity Partnership, which is working to promote the geological diversity and protect the geological heritage of London.

Examples of activities we have undertaken include:

London Geology Walks

Online Resource guide to Geology

London has a very rich and varied geology in the built environment, allowing us to see a wide range of beautiful and interesting geology.


An exciting mobile Earth science outreach project now visiting schools all across London.

A free outreach programme offered to both Primary and Secondary schools.

Talks and Lectures

Open Access Talks By Earth Scientists

Contributing to the UCL Science Centre view for informative talks open to all.

Fieldwork in London

Online Resource guide to Geology

London has much to offer students and teachers in the way of geology and physical geography fieldwork.

Urban Geology

Cultural & Urban Geology: Downloads, Events & Collections

Online resource with guided tours of London's Geology maintained by UCL Earth Science's Dr Ruth Siddall.

Geology Collection

The Rock Room

Today, the collection includes not only rocks, minerals and fossils collected over the last 175 years, but also individual collections of historical importance.

Summer/Taster Courses

The Earth: from crust to core

We invite you to come and explore the field of Earth Sciences before joining the university.

School Visits

Talks, Demonstrations and Activities for Schools

Offering a variety of options delivered either through a school visit to UCL or by one of our scientists visiting your school.

Seismin - Build Your Planet

#Planets; #Tectonics; #Hazards

We explore the inner workings of the structure, composition and dynamics of planets in our solar system.

Earth Science Week


The Age of the British Isles: Come on a date with UCL Earth Sciences.

Interact with real scientists

Interact with real scientists.

The UK’s largest online, X Factor-style competition between the scientists, where the students are the judges.

Box Office Blunders

Debunking the science in blockbuster films

This highly interactive workshop seeks out the scientific blunders in the blockbuster films.