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GEOL0038 Research Proposal

A ‘Research Proposal’ will be presented before the commencement of the MSc research project. That will include: preliminary literature review; project objectives; outline of methods; costing; and, where necessary, a safety assessment. Word limit 6000 words.

Coordinator: Dr Emma Liu

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Title Research Proposal
UG CodeGEOL0038
CoordinatorDr Emma Liu
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Term1 & 2
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 The Research Proposal is an exercise that will get you thinking critically about your chosen field of research, ahead of your independent research project. You will be expected to undertake a review of relevant literature and present clearly defined research objectives based on this review. You will also be expected to outline the methods you will use to explore these objectives/hypotheses, together with appropriate costings and risk assessments.



To develop your ability to plan research, and specifically:
•    To assess previous work from the literature and identify research needs in your chosen topic;
•    To define clear research objectives/hypotheses that have a well-defined scope;
•    To plan a structured timeline of work, including assessment of risks, costs and time needed.


You will have developed a knowledge of:
•    How to assess the current state of knowledge from the literature;
•    How to design and structure a research project to investigate specific objectives
•    How to recognise and evaluate safety procedures.

You will have developed an understanding of:
•    The balance of cost/time and outcomes in research;
•    The need to base research on the current state of knowledge;
•    The importance of clearly-defined research objectives/hypotheses.