UCL Earth Sciences


GEOL0033 Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources

This module introduces the concepts of groundwater modelling as applied to groundwater resources management. It is delivered in part by ‘problem-based learning’: small groups of students collaborate to develop a groundwater flow model applied to a topical hydrogeological problem.

Coordinator: Dr. William Burgess

Module details
TitleHydrogeology and Groundwater Resources
UG CodeGEOL0033
CoordinatorDr. William Burgess
Other Contributors 
Credit0.5 CU
Written Exam70%
Practical Exercises30%
Maths & Stats Content and Requirement 
Total Number of Hours of Student Work188 hours
Hours of Lectures/Seminars20 hours
Hours of Practicals/Problem Classes20 hours
Hours of Tutorials0
Days of Fieldwork0

The course presents the principles of physical hydrogeology (aquifer hydraulic properties, groundwater hydraulics, aquifer investigations, recharge and river-aquifer interactions) and demonstrates their application to groundwater resources management through consideration of aquifer water balances and an introduction to groundwater flow modelling.


To introduce the student to the physical processes governing groundwater resources and to demonstrate the scientific basis for groundwater resources assessment and management.


Knowledge and understanding of:

  • Processes and physical / hydraulic parameters controlling groundwater flow.
  • The concepts of water balance, storage, and equilibrium / transient groundwater conditions.
  • The hydrogeological characteristics of important aquifers.
  • The representation of groundwater flow in aquifers, using numerical models.