UCL Earth Sciences


London Geochronology Centre

Location: KLB 103/4
Telephone Extension: 6368
Laboratory Manager: Prof Andrew Carter and Prof Pieter Vermeesch

We innovate, develop and use radioisotopic methods to determine rock or mineral formation age and thermal history. This information is used to understand tectonic and erosion processes that shape the Earth’s surface, drive mass fluxes, including particulate sediment, from source to sink, and link the solid Earth with the enveloping atmosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere.

UCL- Birkbeck geochronology laboratory measures isotopic signatures for the uranium fission-track (apatite and zircon), (U-Th)/He (apatite), K-Ar and U-Pb (zircon) systems.  This is a unique UK facility established and equipped principally through NERC, SRIF, JREI, EU and industry funding.