UCL Earth Sciences


Ice Physics Laboratory

Location: Room OB10, Basement, Kathleen Lonsdale Building
Telephone Extension: 30150
Laboratory Manager: Prof. Tom Mitchell

Ice Physics Laboratory

The Ice Physics Laboratory  consists of a 5 chamber complex of inter-connected cold rooms controllable from 0 to -30 deg C:

  1. Ice Preparation Laboratory, 
  2. Mechanical Test Laboratory, 
  3. Ice Analysis Laboratory, 
  4. Ice Machine Shop, 
  5. Ice Store

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Research Equipment Includes:

Ice Friction Apparatus Preforms ice friction tests on skeleton-bob runners for UK sport.

Triaxial deformation cell for ice operating at low temperature (down to -90ºC) and high pressures (300 MPa) utilizing a servo-controlled 100 kN actuator, with AE monitoring and P-wave velocity measurements, using 40mm diameter by 100mm long specimens.

Triaxial Deformation & Tomography Cell, consisting of 4 servo-hydraulic 6 tonne actuators loading an ice specimen in the y and z directions and fluid confining pressure providing the x-component stress (essentially a biaxial loading rig combined with a pressure vessel.

The rig operates at confining pressures of up to 50 MPa, temperatures down to -40°C, and strain rates in the 10-4/s to 10-8/s, and takes an ice specimen up to 80mm x 160mm x 40mm.

The Cold Room Facilities are available for use by arrangement. For further information or to arrange use of the coldroom facilities please contact Laboratory Manager.