UCL Earth Sciences


Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BME)

One of our key priorities is to ensure that all our Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and staff feel welcome and supported.

We are also committed to increasing diversity within our Department where already we are highly international, with our students and staff coming from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds.
UCL was one of only eight institutions to receive a Race Equality Charter Mark Bronze Award for  its work in Higher Education. Yet UCL has identified a significant attainment gap between home BME students obtaining a "good" final degree result when compared to home white students. Information on the UCL Earth Sciences attainment gap is being sought, and an action plan to eliminate the gap will be applied.  BME representatives for students and staff sit on our EDI committee.

Key UCL Contacts and Sources of Information

  • Race Equality & Race Equality Steering Group
  • Both Earth Sciences and UCL have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to Racial and Xenophobic Harassment, and key contacts can be found in the hyperlink. Even if you are not directly affected, but have seen someone else being harassed, do not let it go unchallenged, but become an Active Bystander
  • RaceMatters@UCL is for networking, peer support, sharing ideas and articles of interest, forging scholarly connections and collaborations, organising formal and social events, and positively influencing policy and practice on ‘race’ equality at UCL