UCL Earth Sciences


Race Pledges

UCL Earth Sciences Race Pledges

  1. Proactively target BAME in next recruitment round
    When we have our next academic recruitment round, we will proactively target BAME scientists encouraging them to apply. We will advertise the post through various targeted sites such as The International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD) and the Geoscientists of Color network. We will invite a Fair Recruitment Specialist onto the Recruitment Panel to assist and guide us through this process.
  2. Expand our EDI committee with targeted role
    Currently our EDI committee has just a few members – a lot of effort has recently been targeted towards Athena Swan, which has considerably larger membership. Now that our AS application has been submitted, we would like to focus more on other aspects of EDI and expand the committee to include members able to take the roles of BAME officer, LGBTQ+ officer and Disability officer, and work with them to create Departmental Networks for these underrepresented groups. 
  3. Have a “safe space” conversation with all permanent staff around language, behaviour and culture
    It is clear that many members of our fairly one-dimensional Department are willing change, but not necessarily sufficiently knowledgeable to implement it. We would like to arrange a “safe space” conversation with all staff, under the guidance of an expert facilitator, to encourage frank discussion and determine a clear way forward.