UCL Earth Sciences


Family Friendly Working

The departmental EDI Committee consists of Dr Maxim Ballmer (Chair), Prof Ana Ferreira (Athena Swan), Dr Brian Thomas (LGBTAIQ+), Dr Frances Cooper (WiES), Dr Amy Edgington (Outreach) and Dr Liz Gaunt

Family Friendly Policies

The department of Earth Sciences has a Bronze Athena Swan award for encouraging and recognising our commitment to advancing the careers of women in science. The chair of the Athena Swan self-assessment team is Prof Ana Ferreira. The chair of the department’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee is Maxim Ballmer.

Flexible Working
Pregnancy, Maternity & Paternity: your rights and benefits at work

If you or your partner are pregnant or planning on having a baby, the leaflet below will provide you with lots of useful information about your entitlements and responsibilities at UCL and will hopefully answer most of your initial questions.

Maternity Leave
Sabbatical Leave upon return from Maternity Leave
Child Care
Mothers in Science

The aim of this book is to illustrate, graphically, that it is perfectly possible to combine a successful and fulfilling career in research science with motherhood, and that there are no rules about how to do this. On each page you will find a timeline showing on one side, the career path of a research group leader in academic science, and on the other side, important events in her family life. Each contributor has also provided a brief text about their research and about how they have combined their career and family commitments.