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Clone of Departmental Newsletter Spring 2023

Spotlights: Technical Staff Showcase;
Fieldwork 2022

Update from Prof Paul Upchurch, Head of Department

Several highlights to report, including a successful undergraduate exam board in which the External Examiners praised the warm, welcoming atmosphere in the department & the high quality of the educational experience.  Student recruitment is extremely healthy; we continue to maintain our track record of world leading research.

Gigantism and the age of extinction

UCL Technical Staff Showcase 2023.

This showcase event will demonstrate the breadth and depth of technical contribution that our technical staff make to UCL research, teaching, and innovation.

Student Experience: Amy Perrio's Spotlight 

MSci Class of 2022

Busy day in the department with micro-talks & poster session of our graduating MSci students. Big congratulations to our finalist!

Meet the Staff: Welcome new academic staff

Dr Katie McFall during fieldwork

I am fascinated by what happens when very hot fluids, such as salty water and carbon dioxide, interact with molten rock and metals deep in the earth.

PhD News: Internship 

Antarctic Fieldwork

I was lucky to lead the radar-physics component of the first DEFIANT field campaign in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica. 

Alumni Profile: Dr Will Davis

Doing geology under 3 km of water is a challenge; we used a remotely-operated underwater vehicle which made videos of the seafloor and took samples.

Research: Expedition to remote island’s lava lake

Diverse microbial life existed on Earth at least 3.75 billion years ago, suggests a new study that challenges the conventional view of when life began.

Research: Ocean’s “twilight zone” 

 The discovery of single-celled plankton is changing our understanding of how plankton in the oceans is affected by climate change.

Events: John Bowle's retirement 

Alumni Profiles - Careers event

Learn about careers that can stem from Earth Sciences degree.We had the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into their job and experiences. 

Equality: Mindful Scholar

EDI graphics

One of our key priorities is to ensure that students & staff of all races and ethnicities feel welcome and supported in our department.


Big Tent Ideas Festival

Dr Pete Irvine discussed the unique opportunities, challenges and risks of dimming the sun.


Update from Prof Paul Upchurch, Head of Department.

Over the past few months 

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