Our academic staff pursue research as part of the UCL-Birkbeck Research School of Earth Sciences. Our team of dedicated staff and technicians also provide excellent support for our students.

Research Staff 
Dr Fatin Altuhafi Geo-technical Engineering
Dr Frans Aben
Seismology & Rock Mechanics
Dr Louise Alexander Planetary Sciences
Dr Edward Bailey Experimental Petrology/Mineral Physics
Dr Andrea Berbellini Seismology
Dr Sudeshna Basu-Gupta Shale Gas Geochemistry
Dr John Browning Experimental Rock Deformation
Dr Emmanuel David Experimental Rock Deformation
Dr Kai Deng Seismology
Simon Drake Pyroclastic Volcanism
Dr Stephen Edwards Disaster Management and Volcanoes
Dr Matthew Fox
Geomorphology, Thermochronometry
Dr Jennifer Harris Planetary Sciences
Dr Anna Harrison
Dr Harry Hoerten  CPOM
Mr Steve Hirons Metamorphism
Dr Anne-Lise Jourdan BEIF Manager
Dr Yunguo Li Mineral Physics
Dr Joshua Muir Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Martha Pamato Mineral Physics 
Dr Monica Pozzo Condensed Matter Physics
Dr Nachiketa Rai
Experimental Geochemistry
Dr Andrew Ridout Remote Sensing - Sea Ice
Dr James Schwanethal Geochronology
Dr Ying Shields-Zhou Palaeoclimatology
Dr Andrew Thomson Computational Materials Science
Dr Yuntao Tian Thermochronology
Dr Jeremy Young Micropalaeontology 
Dr Ling Zhang Marine Geophysics