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Our PhD Students

Robin Wylie


"Constructing a seawater strontium isotope curve for the Neoproterozoic Era"

PhD project title:

Magma chamber processes monitored by carbon at Mount Etna Volcano, Italy

Project description:

My work involves the analysis of Mount Etna lavas, primarily for their CO2 content, in order to infer information about the deep flux of carbon at this important volcano; Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes worldwide, and is possibly the single highest emitter of volcanic CO2. I completed my BSc in Geophysics at the University of Edinburgh, before spending time as a volunteer at the United States Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Later, I completed an MRes at the University of Leeds, where I studied and visited Soufriere Hills Volcano, on the Carribbean Island of Montserrat. 

Contact Details: