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Our PhD Students

Jennifer Robertson

robertson jennifer

“Exploring uplifted paleoshorelines can provide a valuable insight into understanding deformation over multiple seismic cycles (>10,000ka) caused by subduction and/or normal faulting, knowledge which is vital in seismic hazard analysis.”

PhD project title:

Using uplift to investigate normal and subduction-related faulting along the western section of the Hellenic subduction zone.

Project description:

Paleoshorelines, found on uplifted marine terraces, form as a result of the interplay between subduction and/or normal faulting and sea level rise. They can be used to calculate uplift and therefore to determine deformation at plate boundary zones over multiple seismic cycles (10,000ka). Knowledge of slip rates on faults over long periods of time provides a vital contribution to effective seismic hazard analysis.

I am using uplifted paleoshorelines along the coasts of Cephalonia, the western Peloponnese and Crete, which run parallel to the western section of the Hellenic subduction zone, to determine what component of uplift is caused by faulting on the subduction zone versus normal faulting. Uplift can be established by measuring the elevation of marine terraces through a combination of field mapping and digital elevation models (DEM), combined with dating.

Knowledge of subduction-related uplift is the first step to understanding the behaviour of this >1000km section of the Hellenic subduction zone.

Contact Details:

Professor Gerald Roberts