PhD Students

PhD Students
Baird Thomas
Sahara Dune Sands: Quantifying Celerity, Dust Production, and Provenance.
Baron Geoffrey
Mineral physics of planetary ices.
Bhanot Krishnan Petrology of anomalous mantle samples
Brown Jason Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Cerberus Fossae fissure system, Mars
Canadas Fuencisla
Paleoceanographic context of organic matter deposition on the Yangtze Craton, South China during the Ediacaran Period.
Chadderton Amy High temperature pressurisation, fracturing and permeability in volcanic systems.
Chotalia Kiran The effects of water content on mantle circulation, geochemical cycles and surface observables.
Cornard Pauline Supercritical versus subcritical bedforms, facies, geometry and architecture, Eocene Ainsa and Banaston systems, Ainsa basin, Spanish Pyrenees: implications for reservoir heterogeneity.
Davis Jeffrey The groundwater resources of  weathered precambrian basement complex acquifiers below erosion surfaces in southern and eastern Africa.
Dimech Christopher Integrative Inference and Assessment of Subsurface Information derived from Terrestrial and Solar Seismic Measurements.
Ezad Isra
Experimentally determined grain growth kinetics of the mantle.
Regalado Fernandez Omar  The early evolution of Sauropodomorph dinosaurs and the origins of quadrupedality in the largest land animals
Fuellenbach Lisa
 Iron (oxy)hydroxide aided heavy metal decontamination.
Garrison Christopher The Great Dry Fog of 1831: re-appraising historical volcanic eruptions and their effects.
Grima Antoniette The NeoTethys subduction, a case for sustained lateral and vertical dynamic flow.
Groh Selina
A multi-­‐disciplinary approach to the analysis of crocodylian phylogeny, diversity and biogeographic history in ‘Deep Time’
Guerro Moreno Elisa Living with mine waste: developing a decision-making tool for reducing water contamination risk.
Jefferd Mark A laboratory and field based study into the deformation of sandstone under hydrothermal conditions: implications for fluid flow within the crust.
Jones Sarah Determining the role of arsenite-oxidising bacteria in the dissolution of arsenic- and antimony-bearing minerals.
Joyce William Investigation of lunar lava flow stratigraphy using remote sensing data sets
Kempley Tomos Is Earth’s topography controlled by mantle thermodynamics?
Kendall Elodie Waveform modelling of global seismic anisotropy and geodynamical implications.
Kim Hojung Quantifying rates of evolution in Paleogene coccolithophores
Lawrence Isobel Towards improving thickness retrievals from Cryosat
Lezzi Francesco The effect of strain-rate and fault curvature variability on seismic hazard: a comparison between high and low strain-rate rifts.
Longbottom Alison The phylogeny, age and palaeoecology of the fossil fish fauna from the Tilemsi Valley, Republic of Mal, west Africa.
Magnarini Giulia
The formation mechanism of long runout landslides on planetary bodies.
Maxwell Simon
The early evolution and distribution of Hominini (order Primates) and the quality of their fossil record.
Meschis Marco
Quantifying rates of active extension and seismic hazard in the upper plate of subduction zones.
Meyer Gabriel
Creep of Granular Materials.
Paul Minton Late Middle Miocene climatic and biotic evolution: a high-resolution record from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1338.
Mulders Fieke
Elucidating mineral dissolution and precipitation mechanisms.
Nurdin Nurmalahayati Integrating the Disaster Risk Reduction Concept into Chemistry Curriculum, A Case Study in the Senior Secondary High School in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Ostermeijer Giles Evolution and significance of fault damage structures on plate boundary faults: the southern San Andreas fault system.
Pearce Rebecca Nature of the link between tectonics and volcanism in the Central and Southern Andes.
Pescaroli Gianluca The Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure in Cascading Disasters – Contingency Planning for a Major Disruption of Air Transportation in London.
Pinault Lewis he Search for Extra-Terrestrial Artefacts on the Moon: Detection Strategies and Techniques.
Ray Melanie Volcano collapse: a case study of Ritter (PNG) 1888 collapse.
Routledge Claire
Plankton evolution and the Paleogene/Neogene transition.
Robertson Robert Researching volcanic seismicity and uplift links as short term eruption predictors.
Robertson Jennifer
Using uplift to investigate normal and subduction-related faulting along the western section of the Hellenic subduction zone.
Rolfe-Betts  Brenden Petrogenesis of pre- and post-collapse lavas from Fogo, Cape Verde Islands
Sanchez de la Muela Garzon, Almudena
Understanding the tectono-magmatic relevance of transverse faults in the Andes, Chile from seismicity and seismic imaging.
Sclater Gillian Physics of dissociating clathrates in cryovolcanic vents: application to Titan, Enceladus and Triton.
Smale Lara The Control of Hydrothermal Systems on Eruption Precursors at Large Volcanic Calderas.
Smith  Rebekah Development of the shark and ray vertebral column.
Steele Alexander
Forecasting unrest and eruption at large volcanic calderas
Sultana Sarmin
Investigations of hydrological loading influences on the Bengal Basin Aquifer System.
Tame Catherine Controls on lead and zinc fluxes to mining-affected rivers.
Strachan Becca
Structural Controls on Fluid Pathways and Alteration in the Seismic Cycle of Porphyry Deposits in Chile.
Strachan Sara-Jane
Ankylosaur Palaeohistology and Life History Traits.
Tao, Ze
Late Miocene climatic and biotic response: high-resolution records from the IODP Site U1338.
Tian Zheyu Understanding the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian boundary on the North China craton.
Vanerpuye Melanie Investigating patio-temporal randomness of large earthquakes.
Varotsis Paul A reappraisal of Dorsetisaurus and the origin and biogeographyof Anguimorpha 
Velazquez Omar Engineering Applications of Earthquake Early Warning Systems.
Vera Maria-Jose Multiscale characterisation of seismic scattering, diffraction and anisotropy in the lithosphere/asthenosphere system.
Wigley Thomas The nature of incipient plate boundary formation.
Wills Simon British microvertebrate dinosaur faunas
Wilson Fred Thermodynamics of a MgO-CaO system under magma ocean conditions following giant impact.
Winnard Blaise
Long-term performance of a geological disposal facility in response to permafrost and climatic variation.
Wood Marisa Birch’s Law: does it work for iron and iron alloys in planetary cores.
Yore Rebekah Microinsurance as an effective means of risk transfer and resilience building for livelihood protection in the wake of disasters.