Our academic staff pursue research as part of the Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences . Our team of dedicated staff and technicians also provide excellent support for our students.

Academic Staff 
Prof Dario Alfè Condensed Matter Physics / Mineral Physics
Prof Tim Atkinson Hydrogeology
Dr  Andy Beard Mineralogy and Petrology
Prof Paul Bown Micropalaeontology
Dr Nicolas Brantut Rock Physics
Prof Charlie Bristow Sedimentology
Prof John Brodholt Geophysics and Mineral Physics
Dr Willy Burgess Hydrogeology
Prof Andy Carter Tectonic Geomorphology
Prof Ian Crawford Planetary Science and Astrobiology
Prof David Dobson Deep Earth
Prof Hilary Downes
Dr Simon Drake
Field Geologist
Dr Ana Ferreira  Geophysics
Dr Anjali Goswami Mammalian Evolution & Palaeobiology
Dr James Hammond
Dr Philip Hopley Palaeoclimatology 
Dr Adrian P. Jones Igneous Petrology
Dr Chris Kilburn Geophysical Hazards
Dr David Kossoff
Prof Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni Geophysics and Geodynamics
Prof John McArthur Low Temperature Geochemistry
Prof Jacqueline McGlade
Environmental Infomatics 
Prof Bill McGuire Volcanism & Volcanic Hazards
Prof Phillip Meredith Rock & Ice Physics
Dr Tom Michell Structural Geology & Experimental Rock Deformation 
Prof Eric Oelkers Professor of Aqueous Geochemistry 
Dr Dominic Papineau
Prof Kevin Pickering Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
Prof David Price Mineral Physics
Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann Isotope Geochemistry
Prof Chris Rapley Climate Science
Prof Peter Sammonds Rock & Ice Physics
Prof Graham Shields Sedimentary Geochemistry / Early Earth Studies
Dr Alex Song Lecturer in Seismology 
Prof Lars Stixrude Geophysics and Mineral Physics
Prof Julienne Stroeve  Polar Obervation & Modelling 
Dr Vincent C H Tong Geophysics
Prof Juergen Thurow Palaeoceanography & Sedimentology
Dr Michel Tsamados Polar Observation & Modelling / Rheology
Dr Charlie Underwood Palaeontology
Prof Paul Upchurch Palaeobiology
Dr Pieter Vermeesch Geochronology 
Prof Lidunka Vočadlo Mineral Physics
Prof Bridget Wade Micropalaeontology
Prof Ian Wood Crystallography